Guest post: The Holy Grail of Virality

Guest post: The Holy Grail of Virality
Jueves, 12 Abril, 2012
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These series of guest posts are written by the teams attending the Tetuan Valley Startup School 2012 Spring Edition. This post is from the TecnoTribu / sharebettr team, formed by Nieves Martínez Martín@and Pedro Sánchez Pernia @

"... You will soon realize that organic growth is the cheapest way to go, and often as a lean or ultralight startup, the only way to go… To be precise, this is the normal way if it is a social website (who is not nowadays?). If you run a B2B business model, then your sales process will leverage your customer base scalability and acquisition costs.
Going viral is the “Pinterest way” and roughly the way of almost any huge and successful website. You are going viral if your users are so happy that they will recommend you to other users. And there is a thrilling difference if they are bringing you 1 or 2 users. Some actually confuse virality with spamming; you should facilitate invite process for your users, but a bad practice is fooling or forcing them to do that.
Virality takes time to appear, Pinterest only had 200 users four months after launching until they saw their “hockey stick” growth graph..."


read our complete post on the Tetuan Valley blog.


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